Stew with porcini mushrooms

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Stew with porcini mushrooms

Today I’m going to introduce you a traditional Italian course that, in this season, could be tastier using a fresh and special ingredient: mushrooms, more precisely, His Majesty the porcino mushroom.

I served my stew with porcini mushrooms with toasted slices of polenta, it’s a course that brings our mind already to the winter or at the mountains, but here, even if autumn has just begun, temperatures are getting lower and lower and I have to say that this course warmed my heart at least!

Stew with porcini mushrooms recipe

Ingredients - Serves 4 

900 gr veal stew meat cut into bite-sized pieces
660 gr fresh porcini mushrooms
100 ml of dry white wine
10 gr dried porcini mushrooms
1 little onion
2-3 garlic cloves
1 tablespoon of flour
Vegetable stock as required
Virgin olive oil as required
Fresh parsley as required
Salt as required
Pepper as required


First of all I should ask you to prepare your stock homemade and don’t use a ready-made one, it’s very simple to make and will give to your stew a more delicate and natural taste.

In 750 ml of water I put a carrot, a little onion and a good rib of celery with its leaves.

Clean and dice your vegetables, put them in a small pot with enough water, add two pinches of coarse salt and get to boiling point, then let boil at low heat for around an hour…

It's a walkover!

Depending on what you prefer and for what you’re going to use your stock, you can add other vegetables and aromatic herbs; it’s also possible to let it boil for more time to obtain a more concentrated stock, but for this recipe you don’t need it.

Clean your fresh porcini mushrooms: using a knife with straight blade eliminate the soil-covered end of the stalks and scrape away the dirt, then gently wipe the mushrooms with a cloth or kitchen paper.

You even should not make it, but, if you extremely must, rinse quickly under flowing cold water the mushrooms and dry them immediately.

Cut your mushrooms into rather thick slices (about 7-8 mm), cover with virgin olive oil the bottom of a large pan, add the garlic cloves unpeeled and lightly pressed.

When the oil is enough hot add your mushrooms and cook them at high heat for about a minute stirring gently to not break them.

Season to taste and finish to cook at low heat, turn off the stove when porcini mushrooms are cooked but still compact, remove the garlic cloves.

Put your dried porcini mushrooms soaking in cold water, when they get soft take them from the water, squeeze gently and mince them not very finely.

Put your stew meat in a large bowl, sprinkle with a plentiful tablespoon of flour and mix with your hands.

Choose a pan with a large bottom, sweat the chopped onion over low heat with some virgin olive oil, then raise the heat, add the meat and let it brown on each side.

Add the wine and let it evaporate, then low the heat, season to taste and add the dried mushrooms.

Continue to cook the stew covered with a lid adding vegetable stock little by little when it evaporates.

The meat is ready when it result very tender, you have to cook it for at least an hour, depending on the thickness of the bite-sized pieces.

When finished cooking, add the fresh porcini mushrooms and enough stock to obtain the right damp of the course.

Serve your stew with porcini mushrooms hot and sprinkled with minced fresh parsley.

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