Green crêpes with peas and ricotta cheese

Friday, January 27, 2017

Green crepes with peas and ricotta cheese

I’ve always loved bookstores, and lately, since I’m experiencing and looking for light recipes, I‘m a regular client: I enjoy looking around the cookbooks shelves to find new interesting and low-calories proposals.

For these green crêpes with peas and ricotta cheese, the book that inspired me was “Life in balance” by Donna Hay, even if I made some little variation here and there, depending on my personal taste and on what I found in my pantry.

I think they turn out extremely appetizing, particularly green crêpes have a bright and very tempting color and their texture is pleasant in spite of being without butter or oil in their batter.

I will surely make them again, maybe for a special situation and in a richer version.

Some tricks before directions

Compared with the original recipe, I used less liquid and less flour, also I used more spinach and less parsley.

Instead of buckwheat flour, as Donna Hay suggest, I used rice flour, but you can choose the one you prefer or you already have.

With the doses you find below, I made seven crepes pouring about 80 ml batter each time in a 22 cm pan.

You can keep your spinach crêpes in the fridge for two days, then warm and fill them before serving.

Green crêpes with ricotta cheese and peas recipe

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cook time: 15 minutes
Calories: 310 kcal per serving

Ingredients - Serves 6

For the spinach crêpes

3 eggs
120 gr rice flour
90 gr spring spinach
25 gr parsley leaves
400 ml semi-skimmed milk
Salt as required
Pepper as required

For the filling

600 gr fat-free ricotta cheese
200 gr boiled peas
30 gr little flakes of parmesan cheese
Salt as required
Pepper as required

To garnish

Peas microgreens or spring spinach leaves as required


Rinse and dry spring spinach and parsley, put them in a bowl with your milk, eggs, flour, salt and pepper, mix with a hand mixer until you get a uniform batter.

Heat a non-stick pan daubed with very little virgin olive oil, keep the stove at medium-high heat and pour little batter at a time, then rotate the pan to cover the bottom.

When the green crêpe has hardened, detach it from the pan with a silicone shovel,  flip it and cook for about a minute.

Mix your batter and daub lightly the pan with oil every time, go on making the other crepes in the same way you made the first one.

Mix the fat-free ricotta cheese with a fork to make it soft and creamy.

Place a spinach crêpe in every dish and pour on a generous tablespoon of ricotta cheese, add peas, parmesan cheese flakes, salt and pepper as required.

Finish garnishing your green crepes with peas and ricotta cheese with microgreens or spring spinach leaves.

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